Heard Group Expansion Joint Applications

Heard Group Expansion Joint Systems has a wide range of expansion joint covers for many different floor finishes including vinyl, tile, paver, polished concrete and topping slabs for retail, commercial, hospital and aged care projects.

Our Car Park Expansion Joint Water Seal and Polymer Nosing (epoxy) systems are ideal for installation into multi-storey car parks that require permanent water proofing and structural concrete repairs.

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Floor Expansion Joints

Heard Group Expansion Joint Systems manufacture practical and easy to install expansion joint covers for all types of floor finishes including vinyl, tile, pavers, polished concrete and topping slabs.

Our floor expansion joint covers have larger movement ranges, negating the need for multiple cover plate sizes, thereby eradicating unnecessary waste.

Polished Concrete Floors

Heard Group’s Polished Concrete Series Expansion Joint Covers allows the client to choose whether to install the expansion joint covers before or after the concrete has been polished.

Topping Slabs (High Profile Joint)

As the name suggests, Heard Group’s expansion joint covers for topping slabs are the perfect solution where there is a requirement for the expansion joint to be installed prior to a topping slab being formed. Anchoring the expansion joint cover plate system to the structural concrete slab.

Fire and Water Seal

Heard Group Expansion Joint Fire Seal is able to be installed beneath all of our expansion joint systems and suits expansion joint gap sizes from 20mm to 100mm.

The Heard Group Expansion Joint Water Seal is a 100% waterproof barrier, able to be installed beneath all of our expansion joint covers and suits expansion joint gaps from 20mm to 100m. Installed throughout Westfield Shopping Centres.

Car Park Expansion Joints

CPSX carpark expansion joint and PNSX  is a complete expansion joint, water proofing and concrete repair system for car park expansion joint refurbishment.

CPSX carpark expansion joint and PNSX Polymer Nosing have been installed throughout Westfield Garden City, Westfield Northlakes, Westfield Chermside, Westfield Carindale, Pacific Fair Shopping Centre, Robina Town Centre and many others.

Epoxy/Concrete Repair

PNSX Polymer Nosing is an ideal solution for repairing spooled, cracked or missing concrete in concrete slabs.  More efficient than concrete, it has the ability to be compress and expand making it perfect to create a nosing either side of an expansion joint gap.  It has been successfully used for over 25 years in Main Roads, Australia and throughout Westfield Shopping Centres.

Wall and Roof Joints

Heard Group’s Wall and Roof Expansion Joint Covers are able to be custom manufactured to your specification. An ideal solution where there is a requirement to cover an expansion joint gap positioned in walls and rooves.

Hospital Floors

The Hospital Transition Expansion Joint is an expansion joint cover specifically designed to have minimal resistance or bump whilst moving patients throughout hospital wards.

Tile, Carpet and Pavers (Medium Profile Joint)

The Medium Duty Floor and Heavy Duty Floor Expansion Joints are ideal solutions for installation into tile, carpet and paver floor finishes.  The Medium Duty Floor Joint is ideal for pedestrians and retail service equipment and is our most popular expansion joint cover for retail.

Vinyl And Carpet Tile (Low Profile Joint)

Suitable for installation into vinyl or carpet is the Two Piece Slipper Plate where the expansion joint gap performs movement of up to 17mm. The Two Piece Slipper Plate can be installed up to or above vinyl or carpet floor finishes. Manufactured with grip grooves into the aluminium for pedestrian, the cover plate is ideal for retail applications.

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