Medium Duty Continuous Angle Leg Floor Joint

Designed specifically for use where there is a requirement to lift up an expansion joint for the purpose of a topping slab being installed over a structural slab, such as tile screed or a structural topping slab.

The Medium Duty Continuous Angle Leg Floor Joint is ideal for applications where the expansion joint can be fitted to a set RL. This then allows the new topping slab and floor finish to be installed after the joint is installed into the floor providing form work to prevent concrete and tile screed from entering the expansion joint gap.  With 60mm of movement and the ability to withstand pedestrian traffic and light service equipment, the Medium Duty Continuous Angle Leg Floor Joint is a popular choice for installations in supermarkets, retail centres, department stores, commercial, industrial and public spaces.

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The Medium Duty Floor CAL Joint is best suited for installation into floor finishes such as paver, tile, polished concrete or epoxy.

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