At Heard Group premium quality expansion joints don’t equal a premium cost to our customers. From design to manufacture, we work with our customers to ensure that they receive the highest quality expansion joint products in the marketplace at the best possible value.

Our strength lies in our experience, not only in the 20 years of experience our Director, Michael Heard has in the design, development and manufacturing of expansion joint systems, but also in our ‘hands on’ experience in expansion joint installation.

Heard Group Expansion Joint Systems have stepped away from tradition and created a simplistic range of expansion joint covers that have larger movement ranges, negating the need for multiple cover plate sizes, thereby eradicating unnecessary waste and simplifying the specification process. For example our Light Duty Floor and Medium Duty Floor Expansion Joints cover 95% of all movement ranges commonly found in retail and multi-storey developments as they both have up to 60mm of movement.

The only expansion joint covers available in Australia with stainless steel centre bars designed for longevity and heavy load bearing.

Innovative design allows our products to seamlessly connect to a majority of expansion joint products marketed in Australia for an easy retrofit installation.

Manufacturing on the Gold Coast, Australia, our aluminium products are of the highest structural architectural grade aluminium, paired with heavy 25UM anodising to ensure ultimate wear longevity.

Preventing corrosion and delivering the ability to bear heavy loads, our stainless steel cover plates, anchoring systems and centre bars are manufactured using Australian 304 stainless steel.

Trusted by Australia’s largest building companies, our expansion joint installation team will complete your project on time and within budget whilst remaining respectful of the surrounding environment.

Our easy to install expansion joint products and professional installations have resulted in the majority of our projects coming from either repeat customers or their referrals.

When installing our products, take advantage of our expert on-site technical assistance service, available to all our customers to ensure a smooth installation.

A complete design and construct expansion joint company, we can provide you with a custom product designed to specifically suit your special project’s requirements.

Using 3D CAD modelling, we can showcase how your custom product’s visual exterior will look installed, as well as showing the mechanical movement of the product beneath. Providing a product design that’s not only fit for purpose but is architecturally aesthetically pleasing.

Evolving from a metal fabrication background, our factory has the ability to custom fabricate products whilst on-site or in-house.

For special projects, custom colour anodising is also available.


Our Expansion Joint Cover Products

Designed by expansion joint installers for expansion joint installers. Install our expansion joint covers yourself with our onsite technical assistance or have our team install for you.


CPSX™ Carpark Expansion Joint Systems

CPSX™ has revolutionised carpark expansion joint installation for both retrofit and new construction offering a sustainable, water tight carpark expansion joint system that is installed flush in the expansion joint gap.

Departing from traditional metal armoured car park expansion joints that are surface mounted to the carpark deck.

With the added benefit of UV stabilisers, CPSX™ is perfect for installation in rooftop carparks and outdoor areas.

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