Frequently Asked Questions

What is an expansion joint cover?

An expansion joint cover is a system used to fill a void in the expansion joint gap whilst allowing movement of a structure. The expansion joint cover system may be required to be water tight, fire proof and designed to withstand varying loads from pedestrians through to heavy vehicles.

What is an expansion joint gap?

An expansion joint gap is a void cut or cast through the concrete slab of a structure during construction for the purpose of allowing the slabs to move as a result of thermal variance or seismic movement.

What expansion joint cover do I need for my project?

In order to understand what expansion joint cover is most suitable for your project, we will need to know the following:

  • What is the movement range required?
  • What is the size of the expansion joint gap?
  • What is the floor finish?
  • What is the aesthetic requirement of the expansion joint cover?
  • What type of loads will the expansion joint cover need to withstand (hold up);
  • Is there a requirement for the expansion joint cover to be waterproofed or fire proofed?
  • Is there a grip rating requirement? Eg. P3 or P5 grip rating?

Once we have this information we can easily recommend the most suitable system for your project or alternately offer you a custom designed solution. 

Are your cover plates P5 grip rated?

Yes, we have aluminium and stainless steel P5 grip rated cover plates with slip test certification for all of our expansion joint cover products.

Do you have coloured expansion joint covers?

Yes, for special projects we can custom colour anodise our expansion joint products in any colour you require.

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