Manufacturing in Australia, our aluminium expansion joint products are of the highest structural architectural grade aluminium, paired with heavy 25UM anodising to ensure ultimate wear longevity.

Preventing corrosion and delivering the ability to bear heavy loads, our stainless steel expansion joint cover plates, anchoring systems and centre bars are manufactured using Australian 304 stainless steel.

Our stainless steel centre bars are manufactured in Australia from 4mm thick 304 stainless steel with injection moulded hard wearing nylon balls.

Rather than simply selling a generic expansion joint cover and leaving you to customise your building to suit a generic expansion joint cover’s application, our manufacturing plant has the resources required to customise our expansion joint covers to suit your build, either on-site or in-house.

Originally emerging from a metal fabrication background, we have the ability to modify our expansion joint extrusions in-house with short lead times. This allows us to design a custom expansion joint system to suit your project’s requirements, whether that be for aesthetic reasons or for functionality. With trade qualifications in machining and welding, our in-house manufacturing team have the ability to execute complex modifications of our expansion joint systems on site as well as in our manufacturing plant.

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