Floor Expansion Joints

Heard Group Expansion Joint Systems manufacture practical and easy to install expansion joint covers for all types of floor finishes including vinyl, tile, pavers, polished concrete and topping slabs.

Heard Group have stepped away from tradition and created a simplistic range of expansion joint covers that have larger movement ranges, negating the need for multiple cover plate sizes, thereby eradicating unnecessary waste and simplifying the specification process. For example our Light Duty Floor and Medium Duty Floor Expansion Joints cover 95% of all movement ranges found in retail and multi-storey developments as they both have up to 60mm of movement.

All of our expansion joint cover systems are supplied with 4mm thick stainless steel centre bars that don’t corrode or break unlike mild steel or plastic centre bars.  All of our extrusions are of structural grade aluminium and have heavy 25UM anodising for extra strength and longevity.

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