Car Park Expansion Joints

CPSX™ carpark expansion joint system has revolutionised carpark expansion joint installation for both retrofit and new construction offering a sustainable, water tight carpark expansion joint system that is installed flush in the expansion joint gap. Departing from traditional metal armoured car park expansion joints that are surface mounted to the carpark deck. With the added benefit of UV stabilisers, CPSX™ is perfect for installation in rooftop carparks and outdoor areas.

CPSX™ is made up of two layers. The bottom layer, a specialty flexible closed cell foam water seal that is adhered to the expansion joint gap with an Australian made epoxy adhesive designed to keep water and debris from exiting the expansion joint gap. Grooves along the sides of the seal allow further bond strength to the application’s surface.

The upper layer consists of rubber strands made from recycled truck tyres in Australia, bound together with an Australian made elastomeric binder that allows the rubber to expand and contract providing multi-directional movement. The rubber strand layer not only protects the water seal from being punctured by sharp objects, but also stiffens the surface of the seal increasing point loading. Allowing pedestrians and trolleys to traverse safely over the expansion joint gap, avoiding heeled shoes from ‘sinking’ into the seal.* The system is free of any metal cover plates, metal armour or fixings (that can shear off due to thermal movement) and is installed flush with the expansion joint gap.

A 100% waterproof barrier solution for sealing expansion joint gaps in multi-story and rooftop carparks, preventing water from entering retail spaces beneath.

Unlike raised metal cover plate systems with water bandages installed underneath that consistently fail due to the cover plate systems consistently becoming loose, CPSX™ is a full elastomeric system that can handle vertical as well as horizontal movement ranges.

This is unlike a metal cover plate system which has no vertical movement range, and a very limited horizontal movement range.

See the difference in our video below of a noisy metal cover plate system we removed from Pacific Fair Shopping Centre and replaced with CPSX™ carpark expansion joint.                  ​

CPSX™ has been installed in a number of multi-storey car parks at Westfield Northlakes, Westfield Carindale, Westfield Chermside, Westfield Garden City, Pacific Fair Shopping Centre, Robina Town Centre, West Village – West End, Herston Hospital and others.

A solution for expansion joint movement ranges of up to 120mm is the Heard Group Extra Heavy Duty Floor Expansion Joint.

This full mechanical system allows 10mm of vertical movement.  It is ideal for installations where dowel boxes or bars are pinning a slab and is a heavy duty robust This mechanical expansion joint can be supplied with a stainless steel P5 grip rated cover plate if required. This system has heavy duty 4mm thick stainless steel centre bars and should be used in conjunction with our Polymer Nosing System as an epoxy bedding mortar. This allows the expansion joint to be secured fixed to the structural slab and provides further support for the expansion joint enabling heavier loads to traverse the expansion joint.

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