Custom Design

A complete design and construct expansion joint company, we can provide you with a custom expansion joint cover product designed to specifically suit your project’s requirements.

Using 3D CAD modelling, we can showcase how your custom product’s visual exterior will look installed, as well as showing the mechanical movement of the product beneath, giving you a product design that’s not only fit for purpose but is architecturally aesthetically pleasing.

For special projects, custom colour anodising of our expansion joint covers is available. We also offer a custom designed 25UM anodised brass finish, that compares very closely with the look of real brass. However, unlike real brass our anodised brass expansion joint covers can be installed externally, are much cheaper than purchasing real brass extrusion and will not tarnish or corrode. You can view our data sheet showing our brass anodised finish here.

Drawing on over 20 years of experience in expansion joint design, manufacture and installation we integrally understand how important it is for an expansion joint cover to perform as per it’s designed intention.

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