Epoxy/Concrete Repair

PNSX™ Polymer Nosing is the ideal concrete repair solution to repair concrete cracks, gaps, spooled concrete and infill voids left behind after the removal of failed car park expansion joint systems.

A trowelable epoxy mortar with excellent chemical and abrasion resistance providing a dense, impervious water proof surface.  It has been designed and produced specifically for use as a high strength bedding and filler for the purpose of bedding expansion joint cover plate systems in both civil and architectural applications and as an epoxy nosing for roadways and car parks. It can also be used to repair damaged concrete.

Unlike other cementitious repair systems that fall away, de-bonded or crumble due to their lack of ability to expand and contract,  PNSX™ Polymer Nosing able to expand and contract with more efficiency than the concrete its adhered to, leaving the repair neat and clean and looking new.

See photographs of examples of failed shopping centre carpark expansion joint systems that were causing water leaks into retail areas here.  After the removal of those systems, the voids left behind were repaired with PNSX™ Polymer Nosing after which CPSX™ carpark expansion joint system was installed, both products being 100% water proof.

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