Northlakes Medical Centre


Northlakes Medical Centre were experiencing water leaks into their medical centre rooms below their rooftop car park.

The Heard Group Expansion Joint Water Seal was installed into all expansion joint gaps in the rooftop car park replacing the existing silicone sealant.

The Heard Group Car Park Expansion Joint Water Seal is a preformed cross-linked closed cell foam, specifically formulated to prevent water and debris from penetrating an expansion joint gap.  A layer of rubber strand topping on the seal’s exposed surface not only protects the seal from being punctured by sharp objects, but also stiffens the surface of the seal increasing point loading, allowing pedestrians to traverse safely over the expansion joint gap.

An expansion joint system that sits flush between the concrete slabs in the expansion joint gap, such as the Heard Group Car Park Expansion Joint Water Seal, is a perfect expansion joint product for medical centre car parks, as the pedestrians traversing the expansion joint are usually elderly, frail, sick or injured and may struggle to walk over other car park systems that sit proud of the expansion joint gap.


  • BUILDER Cornerstone Building Construction

  • PRODUCT Heard Group Car Park Expansion Joint Water Seal

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