Ikea Logan


Ikea Logan’s expansion joint covers and the epoxy used to bed the expansion joint system had failed and were causing noise issues as a result of the cover plates coming loose and the epoxy was “breaking away” from the expansion joint system as can be seen in the below photographs.

Ikea Logan contacted Heard Group advising they were looking for a heavy duty, robust expansion joint cover and polymer nosing system that could handle their logistic’s team’s forklifts and pedestrian traffic in their store.

The Heard Group Heavy Duty Floor Expansion Joint Systems with 6mm thick stainless steel cover plates was chosen for installation along with the Heard Group Polymer Nosing System to bed the expansion joint covers.

The Heard Group Heavy Duty Floor Expansion Joint Cover is just as the name suggests “heavy duty” and was a perfect choice for installation into a busy warehouse used not only by Ikea’s logistics team (forklifts and pallet trolleys traversing the joint system) but also numerous pedestrians visiting the store each day.  The expansion joint cover’s ‘heavy duty’ comes from the expansion joint cover’s bases being manufactured from architectural structural aluminium and our centre bars being manufactured from stainless steel.  Our expansion joint covers are the only expansion joint covers available in Australia with a stainless steel centre bar. This allows the joint to be able to withstand heavy loads from retail service equipment and hoards of pedestrians.

The installation proved to be difficult given the logistics of the store as the store was open to customers during the day and used by the warehouse logistics team during the evening. However the Heard Group Expansion Joint Installation team did a great job as evidenced by the below photographs of the installation.

  • PROJECT Ikea Logan

  • PRODUCT Heard Group Heavy Duty Floor Expansion Joint

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